Training Blog- 06/29 ESP-XC

Oh man!!! As you know from the start of the program I am not a fan of working out legs!  Today was the leg day and my first of the Strength Phase of the program.  Every type of lunge imaginable was done with dumbbells!  During the entire workout I was cussing out the guy on the video Ken, it usually was something like “I hate F$%^ing leg workouts” or “Leg workouts F@#%#$g suck!”.  Granted I was doing this workout by myself in my garage at about 9:30PM last night and I wasn’t quite about voicing my displeasure of having to do the leg workouts so I’m sure my neighbors got a good laugh about it.  I also see why all the balance stuff came into play during the Endurance phase because most of the exercises that I did was done one leg at a time!  Yep you guessed it, my balance though it has gotten better I still consider it being very crappy!  The worst exercise for me was the weighted step ups.  These weren’t done facing the bench/chair they were done standing next to it and yes without question they sucked.  And of course the finale, my FAVORITE part of every workout (note the sarcasm) included weighted Frog sits for a minute and deck squats for a min holding a dumbbell.  NOT FUN  My legs were jello during and after the workout.  I did atleast 10 reps on every exercise which I felt good about, but I HATED every min of it.

This morning, my glutes, hamstrings, and quads are in pain.  Everyday activities like sitting down or walking suck!  Hopefully the soreness will be gone by tonight when I have to hit the mats and train BJJ.  I have another workout tonight, but I didn’t look at the schedule again so I don’t know what it is.  Expect another post like this one tomorrow.

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