Training Blog – 06/5 Day 5 ESP-XC

So Saturday was the second go around with the legs workout of the Endurance phase.  I knew what to expect and got through it a little easier this time around.  It still was no fun starting and ending the workout with the frog sits (speed skier position) for 2 mins, but everything else was good.  I picked up a good sweat and felt my legs tiring throughout the workout.  I really didn’t break too much during the workout except for the frog sits and during the Finale which was 100 body weight squats.  Sunday I didn’t have any soreness and the same with today.  If I am doing the workouts correctly I had yesterday off and today day as well.  The workouts resume tomorrow as well as a morning weigh in, or is that Wednesday.  I will check back and see which day equals 7 days and do it there.

I’ve had ups and downs this week with my diet.  During the week I was pretty clean and for the most part as well this weekend except for a couple of slip ups because of family graduation parties.  This morning I had 2 eggs with some sausage crumbles and ham with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast.  For lunch I ate beef fajitas from Perfect Fit Meals which was great!  Other than that I will update you again in a couple of days.

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