Training Blog- 06/8-06/12 End of Week 2 ESP-XC

These last few days have been crazy!  Thursday night I was in the middle of my BJJ class, when I get a call from my wife, saying she thinks its time for the baby.  So I get changed and head home.  We get to the hospital at about 9:45 that night, do all the proper paperwork and get settled in a delivery room.  My wife had been having contractions for about 3 hours straight so we figured it was just a matter of time before my second daughter was to arrive.  To make a long story short, at about 7:30 the next morning nothing had happened.  Apparently, either she “was not in labor enough” or just dehydrated a bit so we were sent home.  So I wasn’t able to get my workout in on Thursday night needless to say.  After coming home and sleeping most of the day Friday, I found some time to catch up on my workout.  Which was the Cardio/combo workout which I was able to do in the middle of the day in Houston Heat in my garage.  I guess I had a bit of frustration to work off.  Come saturday, I didn’t go into the gym because I was thinking that the baby for sure would be coming this weekend at any time.  So while waiting for this to happen, I got another workout in that afternoon which was the Upper Body workout.  I felt great during this work out.  Again I felt really motivated for some reason got a great sweat and put in some work.  Sunday comes around and still no baby!!!  So I get in my core/balance workout.  I feel my core getting stronger and at times I have a little glimmer of hope with my balance.  All in all my balance still sucks.  I am getting better at some of the exercises, but others I can barely stay up.  Its a work in progress.

So I just finished week 2 of the Endurance Phase of the ESP-XC workout program.  Today I will rest and begin week 3 tomorrow.

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