Training Blog- 07/1-07/4 ESP XC

Sorry I haven’t updated this thing in a few days.  When I’m at home I don’t get on the computer too much because my time is pretty limited with my 2 year old and my newborn child.  On Saturday 07/2 I finished Week 1 of the Strength phase.  I felt great throughout the week of course I struggled alittle bit with the leg portion of the workout, but really who wouldn’t.  I actually enjoyed every workout after that this past week and am looking forward to continue in this phase.  Yesterday I began week 2 and it started with my favorite, Legs!  Yesterday wasn’t too bad though, I was motivated and pushed through the workout.  I needed the sweat and the work after spending the past couple of days celebrating the July 4th holiday.  I did get a chance to get on the mats Thursday night and Saturday morning which is always a good time!

All in all I am feeling great.  I don’t get too much soreness and having a great time trying to better myself through these workouts.  I am still trying to do an honest product review but as of right now I really don’t have anything negative to say.  The workouts are challenging and I have been looking forward to them each day.  Whether my performance on the mats improves or my strength increases or not that is yet to be determined and will have to wait until the end of the program.

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