Training Blog 07/19-07/20 ESP-XC

So the past couple of days have been great.  Tuesday night I put in some work on the mats, we did about 45 mins of what we call competition training.  Competition training is starting standing up, so it includes takedowns and BJJ.  We go until the first points are scored or some is submitted.  Its like a king of the mat format so if you win you going to have to deal with some who is rested.  These are the toughest trainings because everyone is going full speed.
Last night, was a lower body workout.  I feel myself getting stronger in almost all these exercises.  I am able to complete each set with a higher weight from when I first started the Strength phase.  During this workout I felt really great, I was motivated to get going last night and made myself push through every rep.  It was really strange last night because something was different, I usually find myself really laboring through these leg workouts and feeling pretty spent afterwards.  Last night I was going through the exercises one by one with relative ease.  I didn’t start getting worn out until the last couple of exercises, but even then I still had some left in the tank.  I’m not completely sure but I think tonight is a core/balance workout.  I should be doing this after BJJ so it could be interesting.

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