Training Blog- 08/1 ESP-XC

Well I have completed the first two phases!  This past weekend I finished the final workouts and Monday I started the last phase which is the Power phase.  People from the gym who haven’t seen me in a while always give me same reaction “damn man you are losing weight!”  I don’t think I’m losing weight per say numbers wise but I feel like I am losing fat and leaning up quite a bit.

As for the first power workout last night, it was legs!  All I can really say is “WHOA!!”  No exaggeration here whatsoever, I really thought I was going to die!  My heart was racing, my legs were like jello, and in the Texas heat in my garage I thought I was training in Hell!  The torture that I went through was a variation of many different plyometric type exercises that included but not limited to Jumping Romanian Deadlifts, split squat leaps, prisoner squat jumps, and many more.  It was a great workout!!  Nothing against the other two phases because I did like some of workouts there as well, but this was the type of stuff that I expected.  I totally get the fact that the other 2 phases were used to help you build up to this power phase, it makes total sense.  This phase I completely look forward to and at the same time will dread almost dying on a nightly basis.  I think this blog has just gotten a little better!  Stay Tuned

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