Training Blog- 08/22 ESP-XC

Well last week was not a good week for me.  The week started fine, but I finished with a popped rib.  This is my third one this year!  I don’t know how or why I have been targeted for this rib popping but I’m done with this injury!  This first 2 ribs this year I was out 2 and 1 weeks respectively.  What can I say I have a high tolerance for pain, but this one was more painful than the last 2 it actually took my breath away!  So I don’t know how long I will be out.  Since you use your core muscles for almost everything in BJJ, I’m gonna play it by ear.  Same with the ESP-XC workouts.  I can’t do the Core stuff, I can’t move too fast right now, so pretty much all exercises have been shelved for the time being!  This happens to me everytime I am working towards something.  I get to the point where I’m feeling great, training great in all aspects and boom I get injured.  I’m sick of it.  This weekend I was really down in the dumps… I haven’t touched a beer in a while, but this weekend I made an exception.  I watched some football, drank some cold beers and ate some bad food to make me feel better LOL!  I know its just another bump in the road that I will have to overcome, I just need some time to recover fully again.  Once I’ve healed I will jump back on to that horse again, but until then there will not be a training blog!

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