Training Blog- 08/8 ESP-XC

Still going strong… I finished up week one of the Power phase over the weekend with the cardio combo workout.  Last night was the beginning of week 2 and it started with the upper body workout.  Yesterday I trained in the MMA class and did some live training in the BJJ class.  I hadn’t done an MMA class in probably about 2 years, since then I have been just sticking with BJJ.  I was surprised with the amount of the endurance I had while training in the MMA class, since it was something that I had been away from for a while.  I went through rounds of takedowns off the cage, rounds of getting back up while being up against the cage on my butt, a few rounds of side control drills,  and a couple rounds of no gi rolling.  It was kind of a accident that I did train because it was a small class and some of the bigger guys were going to be too tired to finish it so the instructor requested that I train with them to keep from dying.   So I did.  After that I did 3 rounds of Gi BJJ and my wind felt great.  After I left the academy I had to hit the garage for my upper body workout.  I did get very tired during this workout.  My heart rate was elevated throughout, but I was able to push through and finish every exercise including the finale which is 100 weighted punches.  The weighted punches were Left and right punch equals one rep.  By the end of the workout I was drenched with sweat!!!!

Tonight I will train just BJJ and take a day off from the ESP-XC workout.  Today I am a little worn down and sore, I guess its from the MMA training since I haven’t done it in a while.  Regardless my body just doesn’t recover like used to and today was hell getting out of bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better morning.

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