Training Blog- 6/3 Day 4 ESP-XC

This was written on Saturday…

Yesterday was the cardio day of the Endurance Phase.  The video had alot of boxing combos involved in it.  Not only that it had me doing a couple different types of jumping jacks that made my legs and calves have good burn.  There was also some sprawls and burpees thrown in there.  I was sweating really good, and my heart rate was up there throughout the video.  I was able to finish the workout, it was tough and I did take a few breathers to make it through.  I felt great during the workout, and the best thing about having a great cardio session is this morning I felt great.  I didn’t wake up exhausted and had a great BJJ training session this morning.

For dinner last night I had some brown rice with some chopped chicken and sliced steak, with mixed veggies all mixed together.  It was good. For breakfast today I had a nutrigrain bar, and a protein shake cause I was running late to teach at the academy.  Lunch today was turkey breast on whole wheat bread and a few whole grain tostitos chips.  I don’t have alot of time to sit in front of the computer during the weekend so this is a bit short.  Tonight is another leg workout and hopefully I have time to post tomorrow about it.  If not I will resume on Monday.

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