Training Blog- 7/23 ESP-XC

So I’ve made a decision… I’m not going to flood this page with posts every single day… There is not enough hours in the day and plus, I do not want bore you guys.  So I’m gonna do maybe 2 posts a week on this subject and give you same information that I have been giving you.

Saturday morning I rolled 3 ten min rounds!  They were all fun and Poppa Rotzee got some of the action on video.  The past few times on the mat I really feel the fruits all of the hard work I’ve been putting in with the ESP-XC workouts.  I feel stronger rolling, I am able to go long rounds with out muscle fatigue.  They are starting to pay off.  Saturday evening I had to hit 2 workouts in one day because of a busy Friday so I did upper body and Core/ Balance.  The strength and muscle endurance is starting to show here as well.  I’m really rolling through these workouts.  Feeling great doing them, making sure my form and posture are on point all the time.  Honestly I was a decently strong dude before the workouts, but this is something a little different.  I’m not getting to that exhausted muscle state, but still feel like I’m getting a great workout.  What it tells me is that these work outs are well… working out for me!  Last night 07/25 I did the lower body portion of the Strength phase.  As a matter of fact I started week 4 last night!  One more week and I move on to the Power phase.  I haven’t looked at the videos of this yet, but just by looking a the listed exercises and knowing some of them I can tell it will be a challenge.  Tonight is a bjj night and another workout but I don’t know yet which one.   Later next week I will upload blog, until then see ya!

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