Training Blog- 7/29 ESP-XC


Friday is here, tonight I hit core/balance workout.  Tomorrow is another legs day and Sunday will be cardio and then finally I move to the next phase!  Like I said in the last post I feel like the workouts are paying off…  I feel great on the mat, my endurance has been great, strength wise I still feel great.  What does really make a difference is a clean diet.  My diet has been somewhat clean, as you all know throughout this process I have had my ups and downs diet wise.  I have tried to clean i

t up after my vacation and have done really good in that department.  I still allow myself one cheat day during the week and 2 cheat meals throughout the weekend.  My cheat days usually aren’t terrible, but yesterday was an exception.  My sweet tooth showed its ugly face and I really felt sluggish training.  Well I guess I can’t say sluggish it was more like just an off night.  Technique training was fine, but during live and situational training I made some stupid mental goofs that left me pissed off.  So the lesson I learned through this is diet is really important for me.  I can’t eat this sweet junk and think that my body will perform for me the way I need to. I love sweets just as much as the next person but from now on I will not use it to fuel my body.


I look forward to starting the power phase of this workout.  This workout program is nearing the finish line but in no way is going to be the end for me.  With the way my schedule is set up, I may not be able to workout 5-6 times a week but I will with a doubt continue to use this program in some capacity once its finished.  I feel the hardwork paying off and see the results in the mirror (well at least I do) So far the workout is doing what its supposed to do in my eyes.  And just to think about 4 years ago I was a 270 lbs 28% bodyfat former athlete who was fat, miserable and making excuses for my fatness.  Now being about 213 lbs and 13-14% my journey is not done.  I still have a ways to go, I won’t win any bodybuilding contests but I am much happier now then I was then with myself.

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