Transitional Chain Drill – Jason Scully

I have a video in this message where I show an example of a chain drill that we do at my academy and that I teach my students.  This is one of MANY chain transitional drills that we use. Which in my opinion are extremely important to practice.

Remember this! While it’s cool to learn single moves that you can add to your game, it’s is even more important to learn how to  not only connect your movements but also equally important to  learn the kind of reactions you may get from your opponent as well so then you will be ready to react and counter. With this approach to training you will increase your chances to being steps ahead of your opponent.

This video shows and example of passing to the knee on belly position and then a continued chain drill on knee on belly surfing so you can stay on top and also take advantage of a possible opening to improve your position.

With this chain drill we can even make it longer as well. I have an even longer series for this chain that you’re going to see but I wanted to make sure I kept your attention by not having this video be too long!

Hope you enjoy the videos and your training is going great!

Jason Scully

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