Transitioning from Omoplata to a Monoplata

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There are certain moves that are considered ‘submissions’ but rarely work in such a manner.  The omoplata is notorious as a move that is supposed to be a submission hold, but hardly works as such.  A great tool to use in your transition game, it can be utilized in many manners outside of just submitting your opponent.

In this video breakdown, we take a look as to how you can set up a very rare monoplata by attempting an omoplata first.  Let’s get right into it!

Since the finish rate on the Omoplata is very low it is often used as a sweep, check out how Greg Jackson and his fighters use it in this article by Cage Potato.

Utilizing Your Range Of Motion

We start out in our bottom closed guard.  Firmly making sure our opponent stays in place, you want to make sure their hands are either on the mat or on your torso.  Failing to do so will result in this move not working properly

Choosing a side, you’ll then want to begin to push their head in that direction.  As you do so, you’ll want to shrimp just slightly out to the opposite side.  This will begin to set up our omoplata attempt.

Take your right knee and pinch down on their back.  This will put direct pressure onto them, pushing them downward into the mat, which will make it easier to swing our leg over the top.  After swinging the leg over the top, you’ll want to look for an omoplata.

This should be met with resistance as your opponent begins to drive into you; this is where the fun begins.

Making the Transition

As they begin to resist the hold, you’ll want to place your hands onto the mat.  From here, the next step is to swivel your hips in the same direction.  They will have to roll with you, as they have no choice; if they don’t roll their arm will break.

The monoplata is very similar to the omoplata but due to its unorthodox nature not many people know how to defend against it

The monoplata is very similar to the omoplata but due to its unorthodox nature not many people know how to defend against it

Right as your land, the first thing you must do is hold onto their arm and pinch your legs together so they can’t get their arm free.  Next, you’ll want to bring your top leg over their head, or you can modify it and hook their armpit with your foot.

Taking your right elbow, you want to then pinch their wrist and arm into their body.  With your left hand, cup their elbow.  From here, make sure you put a good amount of pressure on their head so they can’t roll out of the hold.

Lastly, while grabbing their elbow, pull up to force the submission victory.  They will have no choice but to submit with the vast pressure being exerted on their joints.

Like I said at the start, the omoplata is almost never executed as a submission; it’s just a difficult move to do.  However, it’s a great transition tool to have, especially in this instance. If you liked this particular set up be sure to check out more of Alan’s favorites here at Science of Skill!

-Dan Faggella

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