BJJ IN STREET FIGHTS — 28 February 2012
Triangle Choke In Street Fight

This video starts right in the middle of the action, with two guys fighting in the street and one guy in another guys guard. The guy lands a sweet triangle and instead of finishing him with the choke, he decides to hold him in the triangle and pound his face.


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  1. If the person on top is stronger than you, they can literally stand up from this choke and put you back down hard and this will end very differently, very quickly.

  2. They’re Georgians speaking Russian.

    • I guess this is probably more sambo than BJJ

      • Whichever it is, he used his guard effectively. My wife is Ukrainian and she’s was cracking up at what the bystanders were saying. Seeing guys grappling in jackets like in this situation is a perfect reason to want to train in a gi.

        • Hahahaha tell her to translate some…would be hilarious.

  3. He needs to improve the angle. Ask WhiteBoi to translate what they’re saying!!! Haha! Great video!!!!

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