Who Wins? TUF 13 Semifinals

Tonight will be the The Ultimate Fighter season 13 Semifinals fights.  The 2 winners will fight on Saturday night to determine who will win that six figure contract.  Who do you think will win tonight to advance?  Below is my picks for the winners and why.


Chuck O’neil Vs. Tony Ferguson

Chuck has shown alot of heart in his fights.  He was a last minute replacement to start the show (if I remember correctly) and lost his first fight due to triangle choke.  He was given a second chance by being chosen as one of the wild cards and won his last 2 fights in pretty dominating fashion.  Chuck has shown that he is a pretty well rounded fighter, but his skills haven’t really impressed me.  What has is his heart and drive, you can win alot of fights with that, but sooner or later in my opinion he will run into someone with a combination of both.  If this fight was going to won by who is the biggest DB (check the urban dictionary) on the show then Tony would win hands down, with his “where’s your son” comments from last week.  Tony has displayed some tenacity in his fights and has won his fights convincingly.  He has shown a good combination of wrestling and killer instinct to finish his fights up to this point.  Chuck is a great guy and has a big heart and as much as it pains me to pick the DB I have to.  Tony Ferguson wins via TKO in 2nd round.

Chris Cope Vs. Ramsey Nijem

Chris Cope has been the underdog in all his fights.  He has fought Team Dos Santos’ toughest guys in his 2 victories and now facing Ramsey will be no different.  Ramsey, despite his stripper tendencies is one tough dude.  He attacks his opponents relentlessly until he gets them where he wants them and finishes the fight.  Cope seems to try and lay back and counter what his opponent is looking to do, which have made for 2 of the most boring fights during the show.  If it wasn’t for his constant Rick Flair “Wooooohooooo!!!” throughout the show I would be much harsher on him.  Since I like Rick Flair’s white hair (its the bomb you know it) I will refrain.  What I can’t refrain from is picking Ramsey to win however he wants.  I’m thinking Chris may be able to drag it out buy staying as far as possible away from Ramsey the entire fight but I think eventually Ramsey will either secure the takedown and/or submit, ground and pound into a TKO ref stoppage.  I just hope Ramsey keeps his clothes on after the victory!

What do you guys think?

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