UFC 139: Greatest Fight In MMA History

What an amazing night of Fights yesterday November 19th 2011 with Dana White paying out TWO fight of the night bonuses. There were NO losers in the Hendo vs Shogun fight…or the Wanderlie Cung Le fight..all showed, not only amazing talent, but unmoving will and determination. I almost forgot that these weren’t even title fights. I have nothing but respect for all the fighters and I thank GOD that MMA became a sport. It is something I waited for since watching Bruce Lee as a kid and taking my first Tae Kwon Do class…..and now the dream has come true…and the dream is only getting bigger gentlemen.

Here are Bonuses from the night
Michael Mcdonald – Knock out of the Night
Urijah Faber – Submission of the Night
Fight of the Night – Shogun vs Henderson, Wanderlie vs Cung Le (Dana White: “I had to do it, they all get it, 70,000.00 for everybody”)

When asked if he agreed with the people saying this is the greatest fight in history…
Dana White:

“Every time you come off a fight like that, your going crazy, that is without a doubt one of top 3 fights in MMA History…without a doubt. I have so much respect for both of those guys to dig down that deep, in 5 round fight….that was like our Ali Frasier 3.”

Dana White scored fight a draw, but it was a tuff one to call adding”But who the hell am I?”  with a big, I can’t call it smile on his face. I agree with Dana, although I had Hendo picked in my predictions….and a buddy of mine was betting off my predictions and I didn’t want to let him down, I would of loved to see that called as a Draw because both men impressed the hell out of me and both men dominated each other in different fashions at different times.

Henderson tweeted on the way to the hospital,

Shogun is one tough guy. Hope u all liked the show–I want a title shot next.”







Followed a few hours later with

“Just got a splint for a sprained thumb–otherwise all good. Thx for all the support. 2 thumbs up!”






When asked what he thinks about dan getting a title shot
Dana White responded:

“Yes,That guy can fight at 85 or 205 for the title, yes…I don’t disagree”



EDIT: Post fight Interview with Hendo

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9 Responses

  1. Jordan Burton, III says:

    I think the fight should’ve went to Dan. Rounds could’ve been 3-2. I admit I didn’t score this one like I did Pacquiao-Marquez. I’ll save the 48-47 score was “fair” … looks like all the judges scored the rounds 10-9 so that case can be made. I mean, if you score the last round 10-8 for Shogun, you have to score one of the rounds 10-8 for Hendo when he badily hurt Shogun and was putting it on him.

    Regardless, it was a GREAT FIGHT a true classic. I’m not one to say it was the “Greatest Ever”. If you have short memory, go back and watch Couture-Rizzo … even Sell-Smith … by gah even Griffin-Bonnar. Top 5 Fight Ever? For sure!

  2. Samuel Braga says:

    man wtf happen last night, shogun was so robbed, Unanimous decision, are you kidding me?

  3. BOXING 4 EVA says:

    You MMA tools are retarded, that was nowhere near as good of a fight as ANY boxing match ever.

  4. Wow says:

    Really bad ass fight! Loved it!

  5. SickerStill says:

    Greatest Fight in Fight HISTORY!

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