UFC 139: Picks And Predictions

Poppa Rotzee here to give my predictions on the upcoming fight. This one looks to be pretty exciting as some of my favorite fighters are on the main card and under card alike. Here we go…..



Starting with the main event, two PRIDE champions, Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua square off in the octagon. Dan Henderson has won six of his last seven fights, with the last four all coming by way of knock out. Throughout his thirty-six career fights, Henderson himself has never been knocked out.

His opponent, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua comes in fresh off a dominating victory over former UFC Champion Forrest Griffin. Rua was able to remove any doubt that he is still a contender in the octagon after the devastating first round KO.

This one is tuff to call for me, Mauricio is the favorite in this fight…but its hard for me to feel confident in that pick. It depends on which Rua shows up and how deep the fight goes. Henderson is like the Juggernaut in there walking through punches like they are high fives and delivering damage of his own.

I think Rua has a real chance in the early rounds but I think I’m going to go against the odds and take Hendo for a late round TKO.

Pick- Dan Henderson



Wanderlei Silva, another warrior from PRIDE has some fans worried he is at the end of his run.   Wanderlei has lost six of his last eight and  four of those have been by way of knockout. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a retirement from the Axe Murderer if he doesn’t find a way to win this. I will say this though, if anyone has a punchers chance…its this man, capable of knocking anyone out if he can catch them slipping.

Cung Le however, with a perfect record in kickboxing, and only one blemish in MMA,( a loss to Scott Smith which he later avenged.) doesn’t seem on paper like he loss any steam with 7 career wins, all of them via KO/TKO. He will however have to shake off some ring rust, with his last fight being over a year ago on June 26, 2010.  Although I don’t think it will be a problem here, I do think its important to note that Le’s only loss was after a long lay off.

I’ve enjoyed watching Wanderlei over the years and he will go down as one of the all time BMF’ers in my book but Im sad to say I think Wanderlei might be walking into the cage for one of his last times. I don’t see him escaping a KO from Cung Le on this one.

Pick- Cung Le


Urijah Faber was one of my favorite fighters in the WEC and has done nothing but impress me with each new fight as he moved into the UFC. Faber is one of those guys who earns your respect even in a loss. A dominant wrestler and grappler, Faber holds twenty-five career wins out of his thirty matchups. Twenty of those fights were finishers with Faber getting a victory via sumbission, TKO or Knock out.

Another former WEC bantamweight champion, Brian Bowles, demands respect in the ring with  ten wins and only one loss (Doctor stoppage from a broken hand). Out of Bowles’ eleven career fights, only one has gone the distance, and only one was even able to make it to the third round. (Note: Bowles‘ only loss, is shared by Faber as both loss the title to Dominick Cruz)

I think experience is going to give the edge to Faber in this one. Although Bowles has been known to dominate his opponents, I don’t think he has faced a talented of a wrestler as Faber. I see Faber putting bowles on his back and pounding him until the final bell rings for a unanimous decision.

Pick – Urijah Faber


WHO DO YOU GOT?? Leave comments on your picks for the upcoming fight!!!



– Dan Henderson defeats Mauricio Rua

– Cung Le defeats Wanderlei Silva

– Urijah Faber defeats Brian Bowles

– Rick Story defeats Martin Kampmann

– Kyle Kingsbury defeats Stephan Bonnar

– Ryan Bader defeats  Jason Brilz

– Michael McDonald defeats  Alex Soto



Wow…Hendo vs Shogun was the best fight of the year…what a nail bitter for anyone who had money on it! I have nothing but respect for both fighters, unbelievable talent and will.

FINAL PREDICTIONS RESULTS: I went 4-3 on my picks

RIGHT – Dan Henderson defeats Mauricio Rua

wrong – Cung Le defeats Wanderlei Silva (Silva Wins)
RIGHT- Urijah Faber defeats Brian Bowles
wrong- Rick Story defeats Martin Kampmann (Kampmann wins)
wrong– Kyle Kingsbury defeats Stephan Bonnar (Bonnar wins)
RIGHT- Ryan Bader defeats Jason Brilz
RIGHT – Michael McDonald defeats Alex Soto

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