UFC 140 Results – Jon Jones and Frank Mir

Unbelievable night of fights! Frank Mir, the first man to knock out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, is no the first man to submit him as well. The fight began with a focused Nogueira putting fist to face as he rocks Frank mir with two huge punches. Frank Mir struggled to stay standing and was lucky the fight went to the floor where he was able to catch Nogueira in a Kimura. Nog, who is no stranger to submissions desperately tried escape with a front flip only to have Mir follow him over.

Eventually Nog had no where to go as Mir posted with his leg and cranked the submission. I turned to my buddy and said, “He’s gonna break it, Nog isn’t going to – POP!”. I couldn’t even finish the sentence before Nogueira’s arm jerked with the tall tale sign of breakage. Frank is not one to shy away from snapping arms and Nogueira, sadly was just too tough to tap.

Just when you thought submission of the night was set in stone, Jon Jones stepped into the ring with Lyoto Machida. Early on, Lyoto really looked great on his feet catching Jones multiple times in the typical Lyoto fashion. Coming out in the second round, Jones was able to finally get into the clench with Lyoto and split his forehead open with a viscous elbow.

After a quick time out for the doctor to check out the cut, Big John McCarthy reset the two fighters. Lyoto had blood pouring out of his forehead and seemed a little out of it. After a quick exchange, Jones was able to catch Lyoto in a guillotine made popular by Ultimate Fighter Cody McKenzie. The choke was viscous and certain, putting Lyoto Machida to sleep while still standing, crumbling to the floor after Jones released it. If anyone had any questions about Jon Jones…it was answered tonight.

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