Utilizing A Pressure-Based Top Game

The game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very beautiful to watch.  Once a match begins, the fluidity of the moves all blend into one wonderful clash of styles.  We all have our favorite grappler that we cheer for, and we have all likely watched in awe at some of their marvels.

Flowing like water, the grapplers put on one heck of a show, leaving the fans wanting more.  While the finesse approach that many grapplers take can be fun and wonderful to watch, there is a totally different side of the sport that should be remembered…the pressure-based attack!

It doesn’t matter what your desired approach to the game is, the fact of the matter is we all aren’t physically capable of being able to maintain a certain approach that we would want.  For smaller grapplers, the pressure game may be hard to learn, but it isn’t impossible!

All you need is the proper tools—such as a grappling dummy—and the right approach, and you too can learn to use the pressure-based plan of attack!

Learning To Become A Pressure Based Grappler

For those of us who may have started out as a fluid, finesse guy, learning to alter our game can be very tough at times.  The last thing that you want to do is to jump right on the mat and try to go muscle-for-muscle with other grapplers…it

Being heavy will open up new opportunities

won’t end well!

You must first develop an identity that you can be familiar with; train yourself when to impose your will and when to allow your opponent to do a bulk of the work.  Being able to using a grappling dummy to train these techniques can be very, very vital to your development.

While it may not be the real thing, the dummy can help you pick a point of attack and when to exert your pressure game, and when to be smoother with it.

The time you spend drilling will also pay off as it will show you how much energy you are putting out.  Continuing to go at a frantic pace will only hurt you in the long run.  Solo drilling will allow your muscles to become familiar with this brand new style, and also help get you in shape much quicker. You can check out some of the drills in the video below. Grappling dummies are THE best way to solo drill and you can learn more about solo drilling in this sick article here!

Take Your Time And Grow

Like any sport, when you try to learn something new or alter your style of approach, the adaptation period will not just magically happen over night!  Think of all the hours you put into working your current style…your body is hardwired to do those movements, so throwing new ones at it will take time to adjust! Certain techniques are designed around being a pressure grappler just like the over under pass which you can learn about in this article here!

But just like anything in life worth having, you must work for it.  Putting adequate time to drill and study the approach will only pay off in the long run.  Before you know it, you will become a dual threat that can dance around their opponents and make them look foolish, all while being able to grind them right into the mat!

Dan Faggella

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