Various Submission Setups From The Back Take

Here is a technique of BJJ Manifesto creator Matt Arroyo Grappling Marcelo Garcia.  For the whole BJJ Manifesto review visit the Science of Skill Blog here.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a beautiful sport that offers so many opportunities for grapplers to express themselves and achieve success on the mat.  With great disciplined being levied at all times, I find that BJJ players are some of the most focused and driven athletes out there today.

One of the things that makes BJJ players so special is their ability to work for the proper submission and setup.  There are literally countless submission attempts that we can get, however, it’s all about being patient and waiting for the right opportunity to arise.

A perfect example of this is during the back take.  From the back, there are certain moves—one in particular in which we’ll discuss—that jump to mind right away, however, our opponent can be a stickler and not allow us to access this specific hold.

Today, I’m going to look at some setups from the BJJ Manifesto series about what we can do when we take our opponents back, and how it pays off to find the right opening.

Utilizing The Hooks To Score The Rear Naked Choke

UntitledWe start out already having taken our opponents back.  With our hooks in and our over/under applied ready to work, we’ll go ahead with our submission attack:

  • First off, we’ll want to fall to the side in which our underhook has been applied on.
  • The next step is that we want to use their top leg in our favor.  It’ll likely be planted on the mat and bent at the knee, allowing us to use their as a base of sorts.
  • When the hand fighting is initiated, we’ll want to shoot our arm straight out away from our body.
  • Now, you’ll want to bring your top leg that was planted on theirs up-and-over to clamp down on their arm.
  • From here, swim inside and finish them off with the rear naked choke.

It’s really that simple!  However, not every opponent will allow this to happen as they are most likely anticipating the RNC by the time you take their back, so it’s important that you have another submission hold to fall back from when you have taken your opponents back.

Forgoing The Rear Naked Choke For The Armbar Submission!

This time we’ll look for the armbar finish, assuming we begin in the same setup as above (steps 1 & 2.)

  • With our over/under applied and out foot planted, we begin our attack.
  • Bring your leg up and clamp down onto their shoulder, which will help keep them in place.
  • Release your arm, keeping your leg firm on their shoulder.
  • Bring your off hand around their head, and push on their chin, forcing them to turn away from you.
  • Lastly, bring your bottom leg up as your swim through to secure the armbar!

And there you have it!  Two easy and effective ways to finish a match from the back mount!

Dan Faggella

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