Video Break Down: Samuel Braga Vs Gui Mendes Rematch

There is a video posted of the end of the controversial Samuel Braga and Gui Mendes rematch. Watch it by clicking the video.

Now, below, I’ve taken some still frames and posted it with a description of what I saw happening above it.

:02 = Braga is already trying to take his back

2 sec

:04 = Gui responds by attacking foot
4 sec

:06 – :07 = Gui initiates roll to his left side (Angling towards out of bounds)
7 sec

:06 – :07 = Braga Posts up not wanting to follow roll
8 sec

:08 = Gui CONTINUES to force the roll out of the mat. Braga finally rolls, but rolls TOWARDS the inside of mat, not out of it and does so to clear Guis foot so that he could take his back..which he did( Does not indicate fleeing a submission. How can you “Flee the mat”, rolling back towards mat while advancing your position)
8 sec
9 sec

:09 = . Braga’s butt AND Gui’s foot are both in the yellow, Braga is climbing Guis back

10 s ec

:10 = Braga has Guis Back, on hook in and Gui still has a foot in yellow AND GUI ROLLS out of bounds..BRAGA is holding on to him lol
10 sec

Braga at 2 seconds has already initiated taking Gui’s Back, Gui RESPONDS to braga taking his back by putting on a foot lock…THEN..Gui is the one to initiate “THE ROLL” out of bounds. look at 8 seconds…GUI is the one that starts to roll towards out of bounds, Braga stays back one one hand…and then when he does roll, he angles it BACK TOWARDS in bounds…Doesn’t sound like fleeing to me.

At 10 seconds braga takes his back..and Gui still has a foot in the yellow and then GUI LEAPS out of bounds, with Braga holding on. So this raises some questions.

If I put you in a foot lock, and I ROLL YOU out of bounds….do I still get the two points? If so, thats kind of crazy. Does it count if we are both still in the yellow? How about if we are in the yellow and then I’M the one that jumps out with you hanging on my back?

If THAT is a rule, then I will concede that I understand why the points were scored. But I don’t think for a second that braga rolled out of bounds to flee any submission…that video makes it even more obvious, in fact…if you watch, the only roll Braga a roll angled BACK IN towards the mat… Gui is the one that initially rolled out of bounds and when he lost the footlock and Braga had his back…Gui LEAPED out of bounds…it is pretty clear..if anyone was fleeing was Gui Mendes.

That said, I tell you what..Gui is freaking smart man…really, really smart. That was genius to do. He truly knows the rules and how to play them to his advantage and both of these guys are incredible Jiu-Jitsu competitors. Round 3 anybody 🙂

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