Want to Lose weight or cut weight??

Participating in a combat sport can be brutal on your body.  As a combat athlete we all have to take proper care of our temple and what goes into it. Giving our body the proper rest and recovery time can be a crucial factor to how we preform on the mats or in the cage.  One important detail that may get overlooked sometimes through our daily grind is the food that we take in. I’ve seen it way too often (I’m totally guilty as well), people step on the scale in the morning see a number that you don’t like and think “I REALLY need to clean up my diet!”

Most of the time, knowing how to eat healthy is generally not the problem. The problem I had and would guess that a lot of you have is the time to prepare your meals, pack them everyday to take with you to your job, and stopping at the grocery store every few days.  It can be done don’t get me wrong.  I’ve done it for a really long time, but with working 2 jobs and having a family it always seems easier just to stop at a fast food place and pick up something.  For me its pick up something twice (I’m a big breakfast guy).  So if I need to pick up breakfast and lunch I could spend anywhere from 12-15 dollars a day.  Its usually terrible choices of food that we make during these times that causes us to see these large numbers on the scale that we despise.  Lets face it being involved in a sport where, when its time to compete your weight has to be on point and your body has to feel as close to 100% as possible, you must take full of advantage of anything that keeps you a step ahead.

Ready for a solution??

I recently had been turned on to a company called Perfect Fit Meals. This company offers gourmet cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  These meals not only taste great but, are properly portioned and made with a mix of lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains! One of the best things is that its not just one or 2 types of meals to choose from.  Its a HUGE variety!!!  Its just like going to a restaurant only at a fraction of the cost. (Here is a link to their menu)  Now I know a lot of people out there have that sweet tooth problem.  Check their menu again, yes, they even offer some healthy desserts! For those of you who really want to get down to the science of eating healthy to determine what is correct mix of food for yourself.  They even offer Consultations to help determine the best meal plan for you.

With Perfect Fit Meals, it is not just one central location.  I know, Houston traffic can be terrible!  They have partnered with at least 55 local fitness centers and nutritional supplement stores in and around the Houston the area for your convenience.  Check the locations here.  They have made it extremely simple to go into one of these retail spots pick up a weeks worth of food store it in your refrigerator or freezer and change not only your eating habits, but your lifestyle as well!  I’ve done it, and brought it to the attention of about 4 other guys to it.  Give them a try I’m positive you won’t be disappointed!


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