What People Are Saying About “BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents”

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By now, you’ve seen a facebook status update, tweet, or youtube video regarding Dan Faggella’s ebook, “BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents.”  If you haven’t personally looked into it yourself, you are in link.  This post is going to show you snippets of 4 major bjj blogs‘ reviews of the ebook.

BJJ Legends:

Dan is a No Gi Pan Am Champion, expert division champion many times over, and one of the most prolific writers and interviewers in the BJJ world, having conducted dozens of interviews with world champions, and producing three books on combat sports skill development.

Check out their interview here.

BJJ Eastern Europe:

“BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents” recently hit #1 under the entire category of “Martial Arts” at Amazon.com, and it’s author – BJJEE writer Daniel Faggella – took the time to catch up about his process in training / interviewing that made the book possible. Dan is a writer for many major magazines, a No Gi Pan Am Champion, and interviewer of many of the most prolific names in MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Dan’s web and blog following far exceed 10,000 monthly readers.

Check out their interview here.

On The Mat:

Dan has conducted a lot of interviews and won a lot of tournaments.  A lot of people call Dan Faggella the “Jiu-Jitsu Nerd” for his analysis of BJJ strategy and breakdowns of high level tournament matches.  Years of his work has factored into this great ebook.

Check out their interview here.

BJJ Grappling:

However, I will say that it is DEFINITELY at least a starting point for you to start to consider what tools you will be using against bigger opponents.  It is DEFINITELY going to help you proliferate a more competitively strategic mind overall.  And, it is DEFINITELY going to increase your overall Jiu-Jitsu prowess.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this great review, if I may say so myself, check out the full review here.

Reviews from Amazon:

The best part of this book is that unlike anything else I have read, it offers a principle based approach to the techniques demonstrated. These are clearly expressed over the arching theme, in essence the philosophy, which is relevant to any broad section of one’s game. This allows him to convey key principles that are highly effective to that entire area and can be used to embellish and perfect one’s existing game along with providing a great intellectual building block upon which one can develop the specific techniques illustrated in the book.

The author made a very clear explanation of the vital BJJ concepts. It’s not just understanding “how to do certain techniques” but also “why you need to do it” and “what the most efficient and effective way of doing it”. Amazing!

This book shows great jiu jitsu strategies for not only the smaller practitioner, but for the older player or anyone who wants to stay injury free. This is just great jiu jitsu. If you actively compete or just want to stay free from wear and tear on your body in the dojo, get this book. This is the way you want to roll jiu jitsu.

To read all of the reviews on Amazon, click here.

There you go folks, if you were on the fence about checking it out, at least read what other people are saying before you come to a decision.

See you on the mat,


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