Why Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is Beneficial for Children’s Self Defense

We always see sites promoting their Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu courses in a self defense manner.  These are fantastic courses to implement, however, a majority—if not all—seem to be directed towards adults.

These are great, as everyone should have some tools and knowledge to arm them with in a self defense manner, however, we often times over look the children.  It isn’t something that adults like to think about; the thought of their child being made a victim, but it’s a sad reality.

However, with courses that offer teachings aids for children being bullied, it’s a changing forecast for the future, and it’s being done the right way.

More Than Just The Title

Tragically, like many things out there in the world today, there are people who will toss on the words “self defense” to a class and assume all is well.  While it’s true that many MMA and BJJ techniques can be translated into a self defense situation, it’s very common for instructors to overlook this pitfall.

Youth martial arts programs teach self defense skills to kids all around the world

Youth martial arts programs teach self defense skills to kids all around the world

With a fighters approach, it’s common for people to be taught how to fight and handle themselves in a ring or cage, but not in the school yard, parking lot, etc.  The courses out there that do understand this do a fantastic job of making sure they teach proper techniques.

Doing so in an empowering way is ideal, especially when working with children, is half of the battle!  Not only are they being taught realist, practical skills, but they are learning to utilize them and learning discipline, confidence and positivity! An amazing resource for youth martial arts is Rhode Island Kids Martial Arts. They offer a free DVD that reveals 7 Simple Self Defense and Anti-Bullying Techniques for Children. It’s an awesome resource and I recommend anyone with children check it out.

If that’s not a double whammy, I don’t know what is!

But Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

I can sit here and tell you that Jiu Jitsu is fantastic for the mental toughness that it teaches and the intangibles that come along with it; however, each specific martial arts provides its own unique traits that can’t be taught in other fields.

More so, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very practical approach to learning how to defend yourself as it teaches you proper grappling skills.  Chances are very high that in a self defense scenario, it will end up on the ground.  Likewise, the attacker probably doesn’t anticipate this seeing then instigated the fight on the feet looking to strike.

When this (likely) occurs, it opens the door to a brand new world that the bully isn’t familiar with, while your child is!  What can usually be a difficult position for many, BJJ players are more than comfortable on the ground, in fact, it’s their home!

I can continue on-and-on as to why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children’s self defense is great.  However, I’ll just let the attached video show you why it’s great.

Dan Faggella

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