Zombie Kimonos!! Pre-Order yours today!


Guys check out Zombie Kimonos its a new Kimono company that is launching the design of their BRAND NEW gis due to be released on June 30th.  Right now your can pre-order yours today at discounted rate $139 for the White and $144 for the black with free shipping!  These gi’s are made with 550 grm Gold Weave Fabric, EVA Foam Collar, Ripstop Pants, with Gold Weave Knee Pads and Crotch, Stretchy Rope Draw String, Heavy Reinforced Seams and Contrast Stitching!  The design of the kimonos are one of a kind so don’t miss out as your pre-order chance will end on May 14th and these are going hot like FIRE!  If you have any questions on sizing or anything just check out their website (that is linked at the top of the page), or LIKE their fan page on Facebook, you can find them under Zombie Kimonos there.  I like what this company is trying to do as brand, they are trying grow and use that growth to give back to the BJJ community!!  You can see the design of them below.


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  1. john avery bmac wakefield says:

     on April 27 we are opening a bjj school in Wakefield and we are having a program for kids and teens that cannot afford to pay for training we are trying to keep the kids on the right paths. All of are money for this program is raised by fun raisers and donations. I’m writing to you to ask if you could donate two gis so we can raffle of at the grand opening for money for the school maybe an a3and a4 that seems like a great size to raffle off my address is 159 crest Ave revere mass 02151.It would really help us out if you could help us if you can’t donate 2 gis one would help to thanks for your time bmac Wakefield 

  2. Babalu says:

    I am in the process of trying to get a review done for them. I will def let you know.

  3. crazycuban says:

    any reviews? they look sick but i dont want to spend 150 for them to rip

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